Are there youth in your local county that can benefit from our services?

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Common Nomination Questions:

Who is eligible?

Children under the age of seven are eligible.

What are the criteria?

A need and parental involvement must be demonstrated.

How are nominations reviewed and nominees selected?

Nominations are reviewed and nominees are selected by our board based on the stories and information that you submit.

How do I nominate someone?

You can nominate a child (family) by utilizing our electronic nomination form.

Can I nominate my child?

Yes, you can nominate your own child.

What is the deadline?

We plan to gift ten bikes per month. Nominations are due by the second Friday of each month.

Can I fax or mail my nomination?

Nominations can only be submitted electronically at this time.

Can I contact you to make a nomination or confirm that a nomination was submitted?

You can utilize the form on this website to contact us regarding a nomination, to volunteer or to provide feedback on our organization or this website.

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