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Pedals 4 Peanuts was founded by Dr. Dennis Schimpf with the help and guidance of a few good friends. Our mission is to support deserving families, who are otherwise unable, by providing the resources necessary to gift a child their first bike.

Our mission focuses on serving families in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties while allowing parents and supporters to experience the happiness and share in the memory of brightening a child’s life, and hopefully their future. Through these efforts, we hope to instill the act of gift giving in our peers and our own children while building local community and networks.

why us?

Our Mission

We hope to instill the act of giving back amongst our peers and children while building local community and networks through the following objectives.

Every Child regardless of social or economic circumstances, deserves to experience the joy and excitement of receiving their first bike.

Every Parent deserves the opportunity to gift their child his or her first bike and to experience the joy and excitement that a first bike brings to a young child’s life.

The value of giving gifts and improving the life of others should be instilled in our peers and especially our children for the betterment of community unity.

From Our Founder, Dr. Dennis Schimpf

The Story Behind Pedals 4 Peanuts

As a father of seven, I’ve learned that shopping for a child isn’t always easy, as each child has a unique personality and interests. This theory proved to be true as I was shopping for my daughter Sophia’s 3rd birthday. Sophia is our youngest girl and the one who we all affectionately refer to as the little “Peanut.” I entered the store expecting to purchase a tea set or possibly a doll house. I explored the aisles looking for that perfect gift, yet none created the surprise and excitement that I was hoping Sophia would have on her birthday. I continued searching and finally arrived at the bike display, I knew this would be the perfect gift for our “peanut." Despite having older daughters and a small display of bikes at our house, I wanted Sophia to have her own bike as a special gift that she could personalize and take pride in owning. I made the purchase of the bike hoping that this small, yet memorable, gift would allow Sophia to experience the same joy and happiness I recall as a young child when I got my first bike. On the morning of her birthday Sophia found her new bike in the family room and I’m happy to report that the joy, excitement and sense of pride expressed by our little Peanut was immeasurable.

How are we different?

Bicycles give kids the ability to explore the outdoors while enjoying the company of their friends and siblings in new ways. How I wanted Sophia to feel on her birthday, is how I want all children to feel when they receive a new bike. That feeling is indescribable, and each child should have a bike of their own to learn how to ride and enjoy. My theory is each child should have those sweet moments just like my little “peanut" did. Pedals 4 Peanuts provides experiences to children unlike any other, and I hope more children in the community can experience the fun with a new bike shared with family and friends.
Think of all the emotions you felt when you received your first bike.. Now that I am in my 40's, I can still think of the day I received my bike and the pure joy I felt!


This experience left me with the three realizations expressed within P4P’s mission, which continues to guide our outreach initiatives and service goals to this day. Contact Dr. Schimpf at Dennis@pedals4peanuts.com for any questions or interest in helping out Pedals 4 Peanuts.


Dennis Schimpf, M.D. & M.B.A.

Dr. Schimpf is a board certified plastic surgeon and the founder of Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery located in Charleston, South Carolina. Prior to starting his private practice, Dr. Schimpf spent five years as a full-time faculty member at the Medical University of South Carolina in the division of plastic surgery. Dr. Schimpf earned a MBA from the Moore School of Business (University of South Carolina) in May 2013 where he met Mr. Daniel Johnson, co-founder of P4P. While earning his M.B.A., Dr. Schimpf co-founded SeeLife 3D in July 2013 which identifies opportunities for glasses-free 3D technology and assists organizations with securing funding to support technology related infrastructure improvements. Dr. Schimpf and his wife Lori have seven children: Abbey, Emma, Julianna and Sophia (the peanut), Isaac, Owen and Ethan.

Vice President

Daniel Johnson, M.B.A.

Daniel Johnson is a South Carolina native and is currently a water resources engineer and South Carolina team leader for Wildlands Engineering, Inc. Mr. Johnson received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Clemson University, a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tennessee and an M.B.A. from the Moore School of Business. Daniel and Dennis met in their first year at the Moore School and realized they shared many interests, and a worldview. Dr. Schimpf’s creativity and practicality, balanced with Mr. Johnson’s numerical and analytical approach, helped them both navigate and complete the program in short order and fostered the development of P4P’s initiatives. Daniel and his wife Rebecca live in Mount Pleasant and are the proud parents of two young boys.

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