Jadon LOVES his Bike!

The smile says it all! This is the reason we do what we do!

A note from Kathy Kackley in response to Jadon getting his new bike. Kathy is the Program Director at the Dept. of Recreation for the City of N. Charleston.

“I can never thank you enough for Jadon’s bike. It has provided him freedom to play more with his friends and independence from his mother. Even writing his name can be difficult at times…but on the bike he is like another kid- free – happy. Also the article has provided a way for us to bring positive attention to Jadon and his classmates in front of their peers. Sometimes middle schoolers are less than kind to each other. The bike has boosted his self-esteem! He told his sister the other day – when they were going back and forth like siblings do – “you don’t speak to a super star like that!!” ha We have worked for years on Jadon standing up for himself and not allowing other to be unkind to him. Most of the time it only takes once to stand up to those that are unkind and it will stop. I believe the bike, freedom to play with his friends and ride in the neighborhood may have done the trick! Robert and I are more than happy to share experiences like this with others. Everyone needs to know…it is so much more than a bike!

We also had the young man that received a bike at Riverfront and then someone moved to his neighborhood and had very little. He GAVE him his bike and helmet! Straight up gave the other child the bike and helmet! BAM! ”

Thank you Kathy for your support!

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